AutoRemind offers patient engagement and electronic communication tools to grow your practice and make it more efficient.

What hurts, Doctor?

Doctors have their own pains and we cure them with our digital growth marketing and workflow efficiency features. These popular features are organized in 3 categories: reminders, marketing and communication. They will increase the ability of your healthcare practice to communicate with new and existing patients. They will improve your online presence and keep your practice top-of-mind. They will also optimize your workflow. Explore below to learn more and sign up for our risk free trials.

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Are you a veterinarian?

We love doctors and vets, so if you work in animal health AutoRemind can help you too from early 2022. We can offer you a range of features within client communication and client marketing that will help you grow and stay efficient.

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Appointment reminders are a standard practice in any healthcare office today but we can hep you do better. For example, remind about a balance due or about completing a patient satisfaction survey. Many or our reminders are fully automated. We are all about making your practice more efficient.


Patients use the internet to do their research before selecting a new doctor. To attract new patients, Doctors need to have strong online presence. For that, AutoRemind provides reputation management tool, as well as website building, hosting and maintenance service. It is equally important to communicate to your existing patients, so AutoRemind offers email, text and call options.


Staying top-of-mind and engaged with your patients is essential to retaining them. AutoRemind provides a range of communication tools from newsletters to 2 way texting which keeps patients in a dialogue with you and improves their satisfaction with your service.

Best Practice

We know that you are very busy and have no time to deal with daunting business, communication and marketing challenges. AutoRemind is happy to help and provide you with best practice advice so you can focus on what is important to you. Treating your patients

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